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Why ‘Space Queens’ is the perfect Documentary for Home Schooling

In a year like 2021, kids and teachers all around the world are having to adapt to new ways of learning and educating in the throws of a global pandemic, but thanks to online resources - these newfound methods are made that little bit easier.

Space Queens is a short 20 minute documentary that looks at the women behind Apollo 11, and encourages young minds to think about their future in space, with a particular focus on getting girls involved.

There’s a couple reasons why it makes for a great home schooling documentary for students to watch, with thought provoking interviews from engineers at NASA, who share their journey and how one future virgin galactic astronaut has now launched her own business to inspire young girls to get into STEAM careers.

What’s great about the Space Queens website is, if you don’t wish to show a full 20 minute documentary, we also provide short clips like the one in this article on our YouTube channel, so there is lots of content for students to check out in the safety of their own homes.

We regularly run Q&A sessions with the cast of our documentary and will soon be releasing a follow up, with astronaut Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger and other amazing women in space, who are based all across the world, so our outreach is just getting bigger.

The best way to soak up everything Space Queens is to follow our Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

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