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Space Queens Part 2 Announced

In 2021, the journey into space continues, with a follow up to the award winning documentary ‘Space Queens’. Featuring interviews with women working across NASA, Virgin Galactic and former business manager to first man on the man on the moon, Space Queens spoke about the women behind it the 1969 moon landing.

The main cast comprised of NASA engineer Barbara Kennedy, Virgin Galactic astronaut Sharon Hagle and all round space girl Christina Korp. There were cameos from Mars helicopter commander Mimi Aung and NASA chief operator Jim Bridenstine who spoke briefly about the steps the organisation is taking to become more inclusive.

Since its release in July 2019, the documentary has won awards at film festivals in the UK, as well as been shown in schools both here and in Ireland and nominated for awards at film festivals world wide. Slated to screen at the worlds longest running science festival in Edinburgh, the global Coronavirus pandemic made this difficult, but online ‘sessions’ took place to fill the gap. With speakers including Barbara Kennedy, Laura Forczyk and Alyssa Carson.

Throughout 2020, we have been working to bring you a ‘spiritual sequel’ to the inspiring documentary, which aimed to provoke young girls to think about their future in space. Dubbed as a ‘part 2’ to the original release, the new line up features a cast including NASA astronaut Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, SpaceX engineer Flora Quinby and contributors from both Scottish and British institutions including ClydeSpace and Craft Prospect. There’s also appearances from astronomers and students who have dedicated their lives to understanding space.

‘What was really important this time round was inclusion of diversity’ - director Adam Smith who has once again helmed the project, saying that ‘the space industry has lots of different people working in it, so that’s what we wanted to represent here’.

Space Queens: Part 2 will be available to view online later in the year and has a run time of 7 minutes.

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