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Space Queens 2: Release Date Announced

Making space, for everyone.

Hot off the heels of the award winning 2019 documentary which features women in aerospace documenting the Apollo moon landing, filmmaker Adam Smith, is releasing ‘Space Queens 2’, titled ‘A Place in Space.

First announced in December 2020, the documentary features an ensemble cast of NASA astronaut Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, astro biologist Rosie Cane, Dr. Sonali Mohapatra, astronomer Samaneh Shamyati, NASA solar system ambassador Kaitlin Porter and SpaceX engineer Flora Quinby.

While the aim of Space Queens part one was to reflect on the women behind Apollo 11 and inspire the next generation, the follow up will seek to engage younger audiences and remind us how we are all connected in the universe.

With NASA’s announcement of returning to the moon by 2024 and landing the first woman on the surface, the documentary utilises archival footage with new interviews from Metcalf-Lindenburger and the others to discuss how far women have come in aerospace, but the struggles they still face.

Kaitlin Porter speaks of her struggles being female at pilot school, and how Kalpana Chawla - the first Indian woman in space - inspired payload and satellite engineer Sonali Mohapatra.

A Place in Space will air for a limited run on Amazon Prime March 5 before being available on the Space Queens website along with part one.

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